Software UP USA LLC is an American software design and development company that specializes in the design of custom software systems through offshore outsourcing.

Due to the creation of our software development laboratory in Cluj-Napoca, Romania (SDCN), where an outstanding I.T. University of Europe is located, Software UP USA works with highly qualified software engineers who are able to provide a full service of software accomplishment, from initial specification writing to final code issuance.

By providing outsourcing services, Software UP USA LLC guarantees that our clients have the option of choosing off-site IT activities which were previously carried out in-house, to develop their Information System (Contract-out strategy), and/or to replace a temporary lack of resources for specific projects (Buy-in strategy).

Software UP USA LLC has been successfully working for 5 years in the world of Information Technologies. We manage a professional staff that is able to provide a high level of quality in the design, execution, performance, and management of Information Systems.